Friday, September 5, 2014

Fall Room Change Requests (Due Thur, 9/11)

Fall Room Change Request forms are now available online and are due to the Residential Life & Housing office (110 Sulzberger) before 4pm on Thursday, September 11.

For full information about the Fall Room Change process, please visit

Monday, August 25, 2014

Music Practice Room Sign Up

Student may sign up for Music Practice rooms in the Quad starting on Tuesday, September 2.  Students who are declared music majors may schedule up to 10 practice hours per week and all other students may schedule up to 5 practice hours per week.  Hours are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The room reservations are renewed each semester, so if you had a reserved time for Spring 2014, that time is no longer valid, and you must reschedule your practice room time.

Registration for practice room space will take place:

  • Tuesday, September 2, from 9am-1pm & 2-4pm 
  • Wednesday, September 3, from 9am-1pm & 2-4pm 
  • Thursday, September 4, from 9am-1pm & 2-4pm 
  • Friday, September, 5, from 9am-1pm & 2-4pm 

Registration takes place in the office of Residential Life & Housing located in 110 Sulzberger Hall.  If all of the times you were interested in choosing are taken when you arrive, you can sign up for a "non-scheduled user card."  With this card, you can go to the front desk of Sulzberger Hall 15 minutes into any hour (between 7am to 2am) and if no one has shown up for their scheduled practice time, you may use the remaining 45 minutes of that hour.

Students who live in the quad are the only students permitted to sign guests in to use or share their practice hours.  All guest policies apply.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Res Life at or at (212) 854-5561.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Give-N-Go Green (Barnard EcoReps)

It's that time of year again...  GIVE-N-GO GREEN!

  • May 8-16 (& through 9am, May 22 for graduating seniors)
  • Please do *NOT* donate any items after 9am on May 22!  We have groups coming to do pick-ups so please be courteous of the system! :]

For those of you who may not be familiar with this event, GIVE-N-GO GREEN provides Barnard students with an opportunity to donate items that you don't need any more, don't have room to pack, or you would rather not be wasteful and donate to an organization/person who can use it!  Barnard donates your stuff to a couple of great organizations including Rock and Wrap it Up, Goodwill, and Project Grad bag!

As EcoReps, we coordinate GIVE-N-GO GREEN and work in collaboration with Facilities and Residential Life to provide you multiple drop-off locations throughout campus.

Starting today, we will be collecting clothes, appliances, non-perishable food, electronics, partially used toiletries, and other items of the same sort.  All items must be clean, washed, and in good condition as we are donating these to other people.

There will be collection stations in the following locations:

  • Sulzberger Lobby
    (only through 5pm on Fri, May 16 only -- items may not be left after that date/time)
  • Elliot Lounge (3rd floor lounge)
  • 616 Lounge
  • Plimpton TV Lounge
  • Cathedral Gardens 10th Floor Lounge
  • 110th Street (area off lobby)

What you can donate:

  • clean, washed clothing, sheets, and towels
  • canned, unopened, non-perishable food stuffs
  • working appliances and housewares
  • usable furniture
  • full or half-used cleaning supplies, toiletries or hygiene products
  • plastic bags

What not to donate (should go in the trash or recycling)

  • anything broken, dirty, ripped, or unusable for other people
  • your old chemistry notes, trash and recycling, etc.

Remember that these things are going to people who need them. THIS IS NOT TRASH!

Past GIVE-N-GO GREENS have generated:

  • 3 full 17ft moving trucks of items donated to the Salvation Army
  • 1 pickup truck full of food donated to the church soup kitchen on 114th & Broadway
  • 15,000 plastic bags to be recycled via Fairway grocery store

If you have any questions about GIVE-N-GO GREEN or want to get involved, email us!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

End of Year Check-Out Deadlines & Move-Out Procedures / Policies

As we approach the end of the academic year, please be aware of the following:

  • All Barnard residence halls officially close for the summer at 5pm on Friday, May 16, 2014.
  • Students who are not graduating are expected to move out within 24 hours of their last scheduled exam (or by 5pm on Fri, May 16, whichever is sooner).
  • Students who are graduating will be required to move out no later than 10am on Thursday, May 22, 2014.

ALL STUDENTS should review the full information about check-out policies & procedures available at

Topics include:  cleaning your room, check-out procedures, requesting extensions, damage billing, Give-&-Go-Green, summer storage options, returning refrigerators & cable boxes, parking, etc.

Interested in Summer Housing?  Applications are due by 4pm on Thursday, May 1, 2014.  More information is available at

We hope you have a happy & safe summer!
-- Barnard Residential Life & Housing

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Summer Storage Options

As you wind down the academic year, we hope that you are able to find a bit of time to consider your possible summer storage needs.  Barnard has worked with a very reliable and responsible vendor for the last 17 years to provide summer storage services for returning Barnard students.  Once again this summer, Mr. Angelo Reda and the staff at will be here on campus to assist you with your packing and storage needs.

The team will be on campus from 10am to 5pm on Wednesday and Thursday May 14th, 15th and 16th from 10am to 4pm.  Angelo and his staff will set up with supplies in one of two locations depending on the weather.

  • If it is NOT raining, you will be able to find him and his team just outside of Sulzberger Hall by the steps.
  • However, if it does rain on any one of these three days, he and his team will be set up inside Barnard Hall on the ground floor.

They will have boxes, tape, packing supplies and staff to assist you in moving very heavy items.  Further information can be found on their website,  If you have any questions regarding pricing or accommodations, please feel free to contact Mr. Reda directly via either email ( or on his cell phone at 516-729-5169.  He is very familiar with Barnard's campus, the needs of Barnard students and is a pleasure to work with; we know you will think so too!

In order to best serve each student's individual needs, you are encouraged to send an email to containing:

  • Your LAST Name
  • Your Mobile Phone #
  • The number of boxes you anticipate needing

By doing so, the boxes will be pre-labeled and ready for you when you arrive to pick them up!

Please note that there are other vendors and if you elect to choose one that comes to your room/suite to retrieve your items, you MUST be present to meet the person(s) at the front desk and must sign them in as a guest.  No vendors will be given permission to go to your room/suite without your presence.

Thanks & enjoy the rest of your day!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Summer Office Assistant Applications

  • Are you looking for a summer job that has a short commute, great people, and an always changing environment?  
  • Are you looking to enhance your resume and gain valuable administrative and customer service skills?
  • Are you looking for a way to live on campus for free this summer?

Residential Life and Housing is hiring Summer Office Assistants to work for our office this summer!

Please visit for information about this position (and to apply).

Resumes and applications are due Monday, April 7, 2014.

Any questions about the Summer Office Assistant position can be directed to Associate Director Courtney Bazan Colvin at

Summer Housing 2014

Information about applying for 2014 Summer Housing at Barnard is now available online at

Housing is available for Summer Session 1 (10am, Monday, May 26 - 12noon on Friday, July 4) and/or Summer Session 2 (10am Sunday, July 6 - 5pm on Friday, August 8).  May & August Interim Housing is available for students with Spring and/or Fall room assignments in Barnard housing.

The deadline for Summer Housing applications is 4pm on Thursday, May 1, 2014.  Late applications will be accepted only if space is available.  Priority will be determined by date of application.

Note: Residential Life & Housing does not grant approvals for College-Subsidized Summer Housing and cannot answer questions regarding the eligibility of different positions.   If you will be working for/with an office/program that you believe may qualify you for College-Subsidized Summer Housing, please speak to your supervisor as soon as possible.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Laundry Service (Spring Break)

For students who are enrolled in the E&R Laundry Service:

Please note that there will be no laundry service during Spring Break.
  • Friday, 3/14/14 = the last shift to pick up laundry before the break  (This will be the last opportunity to retrieve belongings from the laundry closet until the service resumes)
  • 3/15/14 - 3/22/14 – SERVICE SUSPENDED
  • Sunday, 3/23/14 = the first shift to drop off laundry after the break  (Service will resume as usual from this point on unless otherwise advised)
Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jody Wecht at  Thanks and enjoy your well-deserved break!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Community Safety Inspections (Feb 15 - Mar 15)

The Barnard RA Staff will be conducting Community Safety Inspections (CSIs) during the month of October.  CSIs are conducted three times per year to ensure the safety of our community. During these inspections, the RAs will enter student rooms to check for any potential dangers to the residential community. This commonly includes fire hazards (candles, extension cords, illegal appliances, etc.) and damages to the room that have not been addressed by Facilities staff (leaks, broken windows, etc.).

While inspecting rooms, RAs are obligated to address any violations that they observe. Each year, the majority of these violations are a result of students possessing items that are prohibited in the residence halls (microwaves, space heaters, candles, etc.). We strongly encourage you to review the list of items that students may not possess in the residence halls:

If you happen to have items that are prohibited, please be sure to remove these items immediately by either sending them home or donating them to a local charity. You will want to make sure do this prior to the inspections beginning, as RAs are required to confiscate any prohibited items that they come across. Once an item has been confiscated, it cannot be returned to the student.

We would like to thank you for working with us to make our community a safer place for everybody to live. Your cooperation and help with conducting the CSIs is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions about CSIs, please feel free to reach out to your RA, Hall Director, Associate Director, or the Residential Life & Housing Office. We're happy to answer any questions that you may have!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Observances / Candles are Prohibited

As the holiday season begins, all of us in Residential Life & Housing would like to send along our best wishes for a successful completion to your semester and for a happy and healthy holiday season.

The holiday season is filled with special occasions and traditions which have an impact on our entire community. We would like for everyone to be safe in their observance of the holiday season.

With this in mind, please be reminded that the possession and lighting of any candles in the residence halls is prohibited. We will do our best to accommodate as many observances as possible providing they are safe for the entire community.

For example, during Hanukkah (November 27 - December 5), the lighting of candles will ONLY be allowed on the dates / in the locations noted below, coordinated with volunteers from Hillel.

Wednesday, November 27

  • Sulzberger Lobby
Sunday, December 1 - Wednesday, December 3
  • Sulzberger Lobby
  • 600 Lobby
  • Plimpton Lobby
  • Elliott Lobby

If you would like to request to arrange something for another tradition, please be in touch with so we can assist you. Thanks for your cooperation and we wish you a very happy holiday season.