Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Winter Break Housing applications due Wednesday, December 3

This is a reminder that Barnard residence halls are CLOSED for Winter Break starting at 9am on Friday, December 19, and do not reopen until 9am on Saturday, January 17.

In rare cases, students may receive exceptions to remain in housing during this time. However, housing during Winter Break is not guaranteed and approval should not be assumed. Students should plan accordingly in case their request is denied.

The Winter Break Housing Request form must be submitted before 4pm on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 (note: the original deadline was moved up in order to give the College time to provide a response to students as early as possible).  Students will need to provide a valid reason to be in housing during this time and most students will need to additionally provide supplemental documentation from a supervisor, advisor, coach, etc. using the required PDF form.

From Friday, December 19, through Monday, January 5, PLIMPTON will be the *ONLY* residence hall open for approved students during Winter Break (including extensions).  616, 620, and Elliott will continue to be closed completely until Monday, January 12.  In order for requests to be considered from students whose residence halls are completely closed, they will need to submit the Winter Break Host Room form to show that they would have permission to stay in a friend's room in an open residence hall if their Winter Break request is approved.

For more information about Winter Break, please visit http://barnard.edu/reslife/winterbreak/apply.

NOTE:  The residence halls do not close for Fall, Thanksgiving, or Spring breaks (although most College offices, including Health Services and the dining halls, will be closed for all or part of those breaks).