Monday, November 10, 2008

Public Safety patrols in the residence halls

Residential Life & Housing would like to inform all residence hall students that beginning tonight, uniformed Public Safety Officers will begin doing rounds on individual floors of our residence halls a few times each day. We welcome the Public Safety staff into our residential community and hope that you will feel comfortable to introduce yourself to the Officers if you see them on your floor.

Should you need to call Public Safety for assistance, one of the Officers will then be dispatched to you, and they will also keep Residential Life staff informed of any problems or concerns they encounter. It is important that all residential students serve as an escort whenever you have a guest in the building. If Public Safety Officers come upon someone who may not be a student, they will ask clarify who the individual is and where they belong.

All members of our community are responsible for helping to maintain safety at all times. We encourage you to contact Public Safety if you need assistance, notice anything in the residence halls that is not as it should be, or if you encounter a situation of concern to you. Residential Life staff are also available to assist, and welcome your calls.

Thanks! Residential Life & Housing