Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Res Life Programs for Back@Barnard

Welcome back (or welcome to) Barnard! We hope that your summers were everything that you hoped and that you are excited to be back in classes and spending time with your favorite people!

Res Life is happy to announce the following Back@Barnard programs for *TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7*

Please see the list of event below to find the time of the program for the area in which you live! This is a perfect way to meet your neighbors and RA staff.

  • The Quad - Welcome to the S(Quad)! from 5-7pm (9/7) in the Quad Courtyard
  • 600s - Ice Cream Social from 7-8:30pm (9/7) throughout the 600s
  • Elliott - A Belly Dance Workshop from 7-8:30pm (9/7)
  • Plimpton - Back@Barnard Plimp Edition from 7-9pm (9/7) in the Plimpton Piano Lounge
  • Cathedral Gardens - "Float On" from 7:30-8:30pm (9/7)
  • 110th St - Red Carpet Meet & Greet from 7-9pm (9/7)

Information about each program above is posted in your res hall or available from your RA.  Check out http://barnard.edu/backatbarnard for a list of all of the Back@Barnard programs!