Monday, June 18, 2012

Laundry Machine Replacements in the Quad

In conjunction with our on-campus laundry vendor, Tedimatts, Facilities Services is in the process of removing all the washers and dryers in both Reid and Sulzberger Halls in preparation for the installation of brand new washers and dryers.  As soon as the old machines are removed, the rooms will be closed so that Tedimatts and Facilities Services can clean and paint each location. 

Sometime next week, after the rooms have been cleaned and painted, brand new front loading washers and stacked dryers will be installed.  Instructions on how to use these machines will be posted in each laundry room.

Please be aware that we will be leaving one room, Sulzberger 3rd floor, open and operational during this transition in order that summer residents with laundry needs have access to do laundry in the quad should the need arise. 

Since this will be the only operational laundry room in the quad during this time, we ask that you please be courteous and remove your garments from the machines as soon as your cycle is over so that your neighbors can use the machines as well.  Students with large amounts of laundry to do during this period should use the laundry rooms either in building 600 or in Elliott Hall.

The laundry room on the 3rd floor of Sulzberger will be cleaned, painted and have new units installed as soon as the other floors are fully functional.

Thank you for your patience!