Monday, November 29, 2010

December Room Change Request Process

December Room Change request forms are available to download now from Forms are due to the Res Life Office no later than 1pm on Wed, Dec 8.

If a vacancy opens up in your double or triple, you may submit a request to "Buy-Out" that space (and not get a new roommate). The Buy-Out Request form may be downloaded from and is due to the Res Life Office no later than 1pm on Wed, Dec 8. Otherwise, the vacancy will likely be filled through a room change or by a new spring student.

Please note that a request to buy-out a room is *NOT* a guarantee. Due to the large number of new students to assign for the Spring semester, students in buildings closer to the center of campus (600s, ELL, SUT) will be *far less likely* to get a buy-out than in buildings further from the center of campus (110th St, CG). Students whose top priority is to be in a room without a roommate are encouraged to additionally request a room change to a single room.

If a vacancy opens up in your room/suite, you may encourage a friend to request the space through a Room Change Request or by specifying your room/suite on their housing application (i.e. students returning from abroad, readmitted, etc). You will need to submit a Roommate/Suitemate Request Form ( mutually requesting your friend, no later than 1pm on Wed, Dec 8.

60+ visiting international students will be coming this Spring from Australia, Denmark, Italy, China, South Korea, Singapore, Ghana, and South Africa. If you have a space opening up in your room/suite and would like to request one of these students, please email

For more information about the Room Change & Buy-Out Request process, please visit