Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Room Change Request Process

If you would like to request a room change, please visit for information about the Fall Room Change Request process. Completed request forms (available to download online) are due to the Residential Life & Housing office (110 Sulzberger) no later than 4pm on Tuesday, September 14.

Students who submit a Room Change Request form are expected to inform their roommate(s)/suitemates(s) of their request, in order to give them an opportunity to either submit a Room Change form of their own or to recruit a new roommate/suitemate. Residential Life & Housing will not notify students if their roommate/suitemate submits a request form.

Please note that the spaces available for room changes are extremely limited. We cannot guarantee that students who apply will receive a room change through this process. Students who are not able to get a room change during the Fall Room Change process are encouraged to reapply during the December Room Change Process (due to more rooms being available for the Spring due to students leaving to study abroad).

Priority for room changes is both by class year and/or for students who received an assignment from the Wait List. Please note that "buying out your room" (paying the single room rate to keep a double to yourself) is NOT an option for the Fall semester.


You will more than likely be assigned a new roommate/suitemate. If you would like to recruit a new roommate/suitemate, they should submit a Room Change Form requesting your room/suite and you should submit a Roommate/Suitemate Request form (available at to the RL&H Office no later than 4pm on Tuesday, September 14, mutually requesting them. The names and signatures of all roommates and/or suitemates must be on the form. No late forms will be accepted. Also, please note that not all applicants will receive a room change (so your roommate/suitemate may not get a room change and create a vacancy).

If a space remains open in your room/suite after the Fall Room Change process is completed, you must continue to keep this space open and ready for occupancy at any time. Vacancies may be used later in the semester for emergency/temporary room changes.

For more information and a list of important dates related to the Room Change process, please visit