Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Review your dorm room / Win a $25 Amazon gift certificate

Thanks to feedback from last year's Room Selection survey, Residential Life & Housing has created a Room Review website (i.e. a CULPA for dorm rooms). Hopefully, these reviews will help students to make educated decisions while preparing for Room Selection.

Students are encouraged to submit a review, photo, or video of their room at http://roomselection.barnardreslife.org/ (even if they are not participating in Room Selection). Students may also review rooms they previously lived in.

On April 5, Residential Life & Housing will randomly select 4 reviews and the writers will each receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

Information about Room Selection will be available later this month. Dates for Info Sessions, Registration, Selection Days, etc, are available at http://roomselection.barnardreslife.org/calendar/.