Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Winter Break Housing Requests (due Dec 21)

Barnard College's residence halls will close officially for Winter Break at 10am on Thursday, December 24, 2009 and reopen at 9am on Saturday, January 16, 2010.

Students may not return to or live in the residence halls over Winter Break UNLESS they have received permission from Residential Life & Housing and have a valid 09/10 Winter Break sticker on their ID. Only students living in the residence halls for BOTH the Fall & Spring semesters may request Winter Break Housing.

Winter Break Housing Request Forms will be available to download from the Res Life website ( on Monday, November 23 and must be submitted no later than 1pm on Monday, December 21.

Students approved to stay over Winter Break will be billed $100 on their student account, regardless of length of stay. The fee will be waived for the following students only: seniors, international students, athletes competing over Winter Break, and/or students participating in approved workshops the last week of break (for the length of the workshop only).

Permission may be granted for the following reasons:
  • You are a Senior (Seniors still MUST submit the request form to receive permission & get a WB sticker)
  • You are working for a Barnard/Columbia office over winter break
  • You are conducting research with a faculty member
  • You are working at an internship in the city
  • You are an international student or have a conflict with an international flight
  • You are an athlete whose team is in practice and/or competition
If you are NOT a Senior or an international student, you will be required to provide documentation w/ your request form (ex. a memo on letterhead from your employer, printout of your international flight itinerary, etc).

The following reasons will NOT be approved:
  • You want to attend a fabulous New Year’s Eve party in the city
  • You want to bring your friends to the city for vacation
  • Your domestic flight home leaves after the check-out deadline
  • Your parents can’t come on the scheduled check-out day to pick you up
  • Your bedroom at home is now a guest room
  • You scheduled a vacation flight out of a NY airport and want to stay over
  • You will not be in housing for the Spring semester (or were not in housing for the Fall semester), ex. students going abroad for the Spring or graduating in February
Please note that students with approval to stay over Winter Break are limited to a maximum of one (1) guest at a time during Winter Break (other Barnard students who did not receive permission to stay during Winter Break do count as guests).

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Note:  Barnard students living in Columbia residence halls are subject to CU Housing policies relating to Winter Break housing.