Thursday, August 20, 2009

Removal of in-room phones from Cathedral Gardens

After an evaluation of the campus telephone system and a review of usage statistics, the College has decided to remove the in-room telephones from the suites at Cathedral Gardens (217 Manhattan Ave).

Please note that CG has a video intercom system in each suite connected to the front door of the building, which allows for visitors to contact their host and ask that they come down to the front desk to sign them in.

In place of the in-room telephones, MINS will be installing additional emergency phones (which connect directly to Barnard Public Safety) in parts of CG that do not already have these phones.

Residents who wish to set up telephone service in their room may contact Verizon to install a landline. Alternatives include using a cellphone and/or using internet-based telephone services like Skype or Magic Jack.