Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Room Selection Registration

Registration for Room Selection is available at

If you wish to participate in Room Selection, you must register before 12noon on Tuesday, March 10 (otherwise, you will lose your guarantee of housing for 2009-2010). When you register during this time period does not affect the generation of lottery numbers.

If you are currently studying abroad, your Proxy must register you for Room Selection.

After you register yourself individually, you may start or join a GROUP on the Registration page if you wish to select at Room Selection as part of a group.

If you are looking to find a group or recruit others to fill out your group, try the Room Selection discussion board:

For full information about the Room Selection process, please visit

Note: if you have already received a room placement though RA & ACE placement or pull-ins, Special Interest programs, Greek housing, disability-related accommodations, etc; you may not register for Room Selection.

Note: if you have difficulty logging into the Registration page, please check your web browser’s Cookie settings as detailed on the bottom of the Registration page.