Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reporting of Heat Problems

Please be aware that students DO NOT have to wait until Facilities Services processes work orders that are related to heat complaints. If a heating issue continues, please call for quicker service (see below).

The heat is on and set to operate automatically. As outside temperatures drop, the boiler reacts in kind and heats the building. Facilities will have HVAC Mechanic check radiators to ensure they are working properly over the winter break.

Should your room be inordinately cold and you suspect your heating unit is not fully functional, please phone in your temperature concerns to Facilities Services (212) 854-2041 and after hours to the Security Dispatcher (212) 854-3362. An HVAC Mechanic will be dispatched to your room immediately, day or night. they will also check to ensure all windows are closed tightly to prevent cold air infiltration.

Tips: Do not block radiators with furniture. Keep windows securely closed. Never use a space heater. The buildings have heat sensors detecting temperatures; space heaters fool those sensors indicating the heat in the building is satisfactory. If you or someone you know has a space heater, the building may be much colder due to its use.