Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Room (and Suite) Condition Reports

To non-First Year Students:

You are probably familiar with the Room Condition Reports (RCR) and Suite Condition Reports (SCR) that Residential Life & Housing uses. The RCRs and SCRs are used to determine if a student caused damage to the room at the end of the year. Any new damage that was not originally on the RCR/SCR when the student moved in is charged back to the student(s) at the end of the year.

You will have until Tuesday, September 9th to meet with your RA to view and sign your RCR and/or SCR. When you meet with her, your RA will enable to you compare your RCR/SCR to your room and you will be able to note any damages that our staff may have missed when completing the form. You MUST arrange a time with your RA by 9/9/08 to do so, or else you will be unable to verify the condition of your room and will be responsible for the RCR/SCR as is.