Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Residence Hall Windows

Residential Life & Housing has received several questions about windows in the residence halls.

Please know that window stoppers are installed in the windows of the residence halls as a safety precaution (these prevent the window from opening more than approximately 6-8 inches). Window stoppers are installed in many NYC apartments and college campuses to provide an extra measure of safety for the residents.

Please ensure that you do not remove or tamper with the window stoppers in your window(s). Any student that is found to have done so will be subject to disciplinary action and fined a minimum of $100.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Associate Director.

Onika Jervis, ojervis@barnard.edu (600, 616, 620)
Janett Cordoves, jcordoves@barnard.edu (Plimpton, 110th, CG)
Amy Leo, aleo@barnard.edu (Hewitt, Elliott, Sulz Tower)
Steve Tolman, stolman@barnard.edu (Sulzberger, Reid, Brooks)